Meet the Healers

Anita Pietrofitta, L.Ac.

Anita Pietrofitta, L.Ac, Dipl. Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), DAOM (C), is passionate about empowering others to achieve optimal health and well-being using natural methods and the holistic foundation of Chinese medicine, integrated with western and naturopathic medicine when appropriate. Read more. 

Lucinda Sayre, CMT, CTHom

Lucinda Sayre, Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Trained Homeopath, has been practicing massage therapy since 1992 and still loves massage. Read more.

Julie Barnett, L.Ac.

Julie Barnett, Licensed Acupuncturist, joined the Healing Arts staff in 2004. Read more.

Daniel Allen, D.O.

Daniel Allen, D.O., is a Doctor of Osteopathy with over 20 years experience. Read more.

Kristy Corah, NTP

Kristy Corah, NTP, is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Read more.

Stephen E. Barr, L.Ac.

Stephen has moved his practice to Grass Valley and is no longer working out of the Healing Arts Center office in Tahoe City. Stephen E. Barr, L.Ac, Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM), is an acupuncturist licensed both in California and nationally. Read more. 

Our Healing Philosophy

Our experienced staff gives you personal attention based on holistic principles. We consider your whole being when selecting the most appropriate bodywork, remedies, herbs, acupuncture points or other treatments. Our goal is to help your body/mind system restore balance so you can heal yourself from the inside out and achieve your highest level of functioning.

Disclaimer: Though we may refer clients to each other’s practice, we are not associated as partners or members of any other business  structure together. Rather, we are independent practitioners and our relationship is solely a marketing and referral relationship.

Latest News

Open House Friday, July 12, 2013 from 10am-2pm

We would like to invite you to our first Open House Friday, July 12, 2013 from 10am-2pm.  We will be giving Free Treatments and sharing valuable information about Acupuncture, Energy Balancing, Homeopathy and Osteopathy. Learn how you can get the most out of your life.  We are very excited to meet you and show you, how you, can feel your best – while enjoying a fabulous summer afternoon on our deck.

Please mark your calendar for our Open House - and plan to stop by and join us in our celebration of the continued healing tradition here in Tahoe City.   

The Details

  • Free Treatments
  • Learn about Acupuncture, Energy Balancing, Homeopathy & Osteopathy
  • Meet the Practitioners
  • Serving Food & Drinks

Stephen's Leaving Tahoe

December 4, 2012

Dear Friends,

As you may know, I first heard the inner voice on my way back to Tahoe in early 1977 - a booming “YES” inside my mind. I have said that I would stay in Tahoe until the same voice that led me here told me it was time to go. That time has come. As of March 4, 2013,   I will be treating clients only in Grass Valley.
If you’d like to continue sessions with me, I will be seeing 6 clients a day, Monday - Thursday in my home office. It is just south of Grass Valley, a one-hour drive west of Truckee provided the roads are clear. I will also be doing a limited number (one a day) of telephone or Skype sessions for people who want to process issues. I will continue to see a limited number of new clients.
If you find the distance too far or difficult, please see one of my officemates or speak to me about your needs. Their info is on this website. I will also be seeing 1 - 2 of Anita's new clients with her on Friday mornings in March & April.I love Tahoe and am sad to go. I know I will come visit and hope you will do so in return. I plan to finish writing my book and teach more in order to spread the healing work to a larger circle. I also will continue teaching my group of advanced students once a month.To schedule appointments in Grass Valley, please call Pam at the home office (530.477.7794).